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What our Students Say

The course [MTAL, Decimals and Introduction to Algebra] is easy to use, the videos helped me to visualize the materials being used. I enjoyed the forums because I can read what others have to say. I enjoyed the chats because it made me feel like I was not alone on this journey.I was a little overwhelmed with the number of videos I needed to watch. However I felt that the information presented in each video was necessary for my success in the course. MTAL

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2016 Summer Residency

Over 30 students completed two weeks of in residence Montessori instruction at our Sarasota, Florida location.

RESS-Sarasota, FL


2016-17 Tuition Increase Effective September 2, 2016

A 5% increase in course fees will go into effect on September 2, 2016. Students planning to enroll in courses for this fall can take advantage of our current prices by enrolling in a course before September 2nd.  In order to avoid the fee increase you must register and pay for the course tuition no later than September 1st.  The following cohorts are now open for enrollment at the current tuition prices: 2017 September Fall Term; 2017 October Fall Term; and the 2017 Fall Residency Term.

Any course enrollments after September 1st will be at the new course fee rates. New fees, effective September 2, 2016 are:

  • Curriculum Courses               $415
  • Philosophy Courses               $475
  • Other Courses, see the new fee schedule

Fall Residency, November 12 to 17, 2016

Now is the time to begin planning to attend this face-to-face course in Sarasota, Florida

Fall Online Courses Starting October 28, 2016.

FDN - Foundations of Montessori Philosophy

(8 weeks, EC/EI/EII)
Starts 10/28/16

Maria Montessori

OBS - Observation,Management,Child Development

(8 weeks, EC/EI/EII)
Starts 10/28/16


CEHS - Earth and Human Studies

(7 weeks, EI/EII)
Starts 10/28/16

Earth and Human Studies


MTOP - Operations with Whole Numbers
( + and x )

(7 weeks, EC/EI)
Starts 10/28/16 

Whole Numbers

MTAO - Advanced Operations Whole
Numbers ( – and / )

(7 weeks, EC/EI)
Starts 10/28/16

whole number division

MTAL - Decimal Fractions and Algebra

(7 weeks, EI/EII)
Starts 10/28/16

Algebra Tiles